Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card An 8-Step Guide


Axis Bank, one of India’s premier private banks, has partnered with KIWI, the credit on UPI platform to offer The Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card. The Card is also known popularly as the “Axis Bank KWIK Rupay Credit Card”.

This partnership enables Kiwi users to access the Credit Card through the App seamlessly. The Credit Card offers several innovative features and Rewards. Users can make merchant payments within the Kiwi App using their credit cards via UPI. The Credit Card also provides a Virtual Payment experience eliminating the need for physical cards.

My Blog post on the Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card is an 8-step guide that delves into its key benefits, eligibility requirements, documentation, and other aspects.


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Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Benefits

Lifetime Free Credit Card
No Joining and Annual Fees
UPI Enabled Virtual Credit Card
Make Seamless Transactions through UPI
Easy Activation
Simple Onboarding and Verification
2% Cashback on all purchases
EDGE Rewards Benefit
Earn 2 EDGE Rewards points for every ₹200/- spent subject to T & C
Fuel Surcharge Waiver
1% Waiver on Fuel Surcharge

# Lifetime Free Credit Card

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card is a lifetime free card. It does not charge any joining or annual fees for maintaining the credit card.

# UPI Enabled Virtual Credit Card

With Kiwi Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card you can get a Virtual Credit Card instantly. The Virtual Credit Card allows you to make transactions safely and seamlessly through UPI as well as earn EDGE reward points every time you spend.

# Easy Activation

Activating your Kiwi Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card is an easy process. You have two convenient options to choose from:

  1. Link via UPI App:

    • Open the KIWI app or any other UPI app.
    • Link your credit card by setting up the UPI PIN.
    • Your card will be activated instantly.
  2. Axis Bank Mobile App or Internet Banking:

    • Log in to the Axis Bank mobile app or Internet Banking.
    • Navigate to the Credit Card section.
    • Unbox your KWIK Credit Card using the Activation Code mentioned in the welcome letter.
    • Set your card PIN or enable/manage usage settings.

# Cashback

Kiwi Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card offers attractive Cashback to its cardholders. 

The following Table illustrates the Cashback offered :

Description Cashback Percentage
Retail Spends Through Kiwi Axis bank Rupay Credit Card 2%
Scan and Pay transactions using "Credit Card on UPI" powered by the "Kiwi" App 1%

# Reward Benefit

Kiwi Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card offers attractive  rewards to its cardholders. You can earn 2 Edge reward points for every ₹200 spent. These rewards are applicable both for domestic and international purchases.

However, these Reward points are not applicable on Fuel Spends or rental payments, Wallet reloads, Jewelry purchases, EMI transactions, and UPI transactions <₹2000.

Category Spends Reward Points
Domestic and International Retail Spends 2 Edge Points per ₹200 spent
Fuel Spends or Rental payments, Wallet reloads, Jewelry purchases, Cash withdrawals and Government Spends Nil
EMI transactions and UPI transactions < ₹2000 Nil


  • The EDGE Reward Points program is a loyalty program offered by Axis Bank. You can redeem these points using your Credit Card on eligible transactions such as retail purchases, online shopping, dining, travel bookings, and more. 
  • Once you accumulate these EDGE reward points, you can redeem them for various rewards that may include Gift Vouchers, Discounts on purchase of Merchandise, Flight and Hotel Bookings, Cashback etc 

# Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Kiwi Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card offers a 1% fuel surcharge waiver across all petrol pumps in India. This waiver applies to transactions with a minimum value of ₹400 and maximum value of ₹4000 exclusive of GST and other charges. The maximum benefit is capped at ₹150 per month

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Eligibility

To be eligible to apply for the Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card, you need to fulfill the following requirements :

Description Eligibilty
Age Between 18 and 70 years
Citizenship Should be a Citizen of India
Cibil Score 750 or Above preferably

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Documents Required

The following documents are required to apply for the Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card :

Description Documents Required
Proof Of Income Latest Pay Slip / Form 16 / IT Return
Proof of Identity Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Passport/Voter ID Card/Coloured Photograph
Proof of Address Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter ID Card/Driving License

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Fees And Charges

Fees And Charges Amount
Joining Fee Nil
Annual Fee Nil
Finance Charges Up to 3.6% per month | 52.86% per annum
Overlimit Penalty 2.5% of the overlimit amount (Min ₹500)
Cash Payment Fees ₹100

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Apply Online

To apply for the Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card, you need to follow the steps as illustrated below :

  • Download App: Download the Kiwi App on your smartphone from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can also log on to the Kiwi website to apply for the credit card.. 
  • Open the App: Launch the App and Tap on “Apply for Axis Bank Kwik Credit Card.”
  • Provide Details: Fill in all the required information for the application and submit the necessary documents.
  • Track Progress: You can track your application’s progress within the app.
  • Instant Virtual Card: Once your application is approved, you’ll instantly receive a virtual card on the Kiwi app.

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card Limit

The Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card has a starting credit limit of ₹5000. However, the credit limit will be determined based on your creditworthiness and other factors and may start at a higher amount. You can enhance your credit limit over time by making timely payments and maintaining a healthy financial balance to build a good credit score.


In my Review, the Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card is excellent offering  as it is lifetime free. Its Virtual Card is an innovative feature as it offers a virtual payment experience eliminating the need for a physical card.

If you are looking for a Credit Card that is free for a lifetime and offers you decent rewards and benefits, along with the convenience of UPI’s fast and secure payment, then this card is just right for you

Alternatively, I will always advise you to look at similar Rupay credit cards with good cashback or rewards before taking a final call. 

Some similar Rupay Credit Cards that can be considered include the TATA Neu Rupay Credit Card, Kotak UPI Rupay Credit Card, SBI Reliance Rupay Credit Card to name a few.


How much is the Reward Redemption fees charged by Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card ?

Kiwi Axis Bank Rupay Credit Card charges ₹49 to redeem 300 to 10,000 RPs, and ₹99 to redeem more than 10,000 points.

The Credit Card charges a rent transaction fee of 1% on the Rent amount capped at ₹1,500 per transaction

No, the credit card does not offer any Movie or dining discounts.

Yes. You can set the credit limit of your Kiwi credit Card itself by accessing your KIWI App.

You can send your queries related to your Kiwi Credit Card to the email ID You can also contact Customer Care Number at 8147039992.

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